How long have you been shooting for?

16 years. I started photography in high school and began working for wedding photographers short after that. Lead, second shooting and editing for many different photographers, I learned the way I wanted to be as a professional photographer. I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't have the experience I have had. Every little and big part has made me who I am today.

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

My favorite part of a wedding day, besides the candid moments, is the walk back down the aisle after they say "I Do"

What do you shoot?

I will shoot anything. Give me a challenge or give me something I've done a million times! Events, weddings, celebrity and corporate events, families, babies, siblings, people who hate taking pictures, kids who don't sit still. Anything. I love new things, but I also am good at capturing moments and creating lifelong memories for you and your family to look at and remember while you are here and after we aren't.

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